Finding the perfect wedding dress

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How do you say Yes to the Dress?  There are many factors that go into choosing the perfect wedding gown. From your ceremony location to body type – picking the dress means finding one that checks all your boxes. Here are some tips to get you started!

Do Not Be Trendy

When looking for your wedding dress, don’t solely focus on what’s currently in style. Trendy dresses might be in style today, but you want your wedding photos to last forever.  Look back on family wedding photos from the 80s. Puffy sleeves and crimpy hair didn’t age well. Your best bet is to go with a gown that is timeless.

Classic Beauty

There are quite a few styles that will stand the test of time. Here are some features to look for in a classic gown:

  • Sweetheart or V-neckline
  • Lace or satin material
  • A-line or ball gown designs
  • Tiered or pick-up skirts

You can never go wrong with vintage designs. However, if you’ve fallen in love with illusion necklines or a fit-and-flare silhouettes, you can incorporate these modern features in a classic gown.

Buy for Your Body Type

There are certain styles of wedding dresses that will best fit your body type. 

  • Hourglass: Find a dress that flatters your curves! FIt-and-flare or mermaid designs are perfect for framing your silhouette.
  • Petite: You don’t want anything to overwhelm your small figure, so opt for A-line styles that will elongate your features. 
  • Tall and thin: If you want to accentuate your height, sheath gowns are the way to go! If you would rather minimize your height, ball gowns are another alternative.
  • Pear-shaped: Ball gowns with an embellished bodice are an exceptional option for pear shaped figures as they draw attention to the chest and waistline.
  • Apple-shaped: A-Line and ball gown dresses are the best for your body type. In addition, V-neck and sweetheart necklines will support and flatter your chest.

Research Recycled Dresses

You can still find the dress of your dreams by looking for pre-owned gowns. This will significantly lower the cost, especially if you’re looking for those pricey designer dresses. Before buying something used, make sure to take a few steps beforehand to ensure you are getting what you bargained for. Do some research to confirm you are getting a real deal. If you see any dresses you like, ask for pictures that show all the details of the gown and ask the seller if there are any damages or stains.


Once you’ve found your dress, it’s time to find the perfect accessories to match. 

  • Hair: Depending on if you want a hairpiece, you’ll have to decide on your hairstyle so you can coordinate with your hairstylist what will work best. This might be anything from a traditional veil or tiara to hair pins or headbands. 
  • Jewelry: Your jewelry will depend on the style and feel of your dress. If you have lots of detail or a high neckline, you might want to stay away from necklaces and focus more on the earrings. You also want to make sure your jewelry has the same feel as your dress. For example, if your gown is simple and elegant, you’ll want to stick with simpler jewelry as well. 
  • Shoes: Just as with the rest of your accessories, keep it consistent when it comes to picking your shoes. A great tip is to try to find shoes that match the material of your dress. Remember that you will be wearing them the whole day, so trying them on and testing their comfort is a must!

Shop Local

You can never go wrong with shopping locally for your wedding dress. This takes away stress as you will have the ability to visit more often and easily schedule follow-ups, unlike shopping for a gown in a different city. Local businesses also tend to be more personal and welcoming as they have more flexibility with time. They can even help you find other local businesses that can take care of other aspects of your wedding such as caterers or makeup artists.

Check Out Trunk Shows

Trunk shows are when designers come to a bridal boutique and present their entire collection of dresses! This is a great way to check out new styles by that particular designer that you may not have seen before. Even better, the designer themself can help you to find a dress from their collection that suits your style and body type. You can attend a trunk show by calling your local stores and boutiques to find out when they have an upcoming show and make an appointment early!