Focus on men

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It can be easy to get lost in fairytales and flowers while planning your dream wedding, but don’t forget that men are a big part of this special day. They are guests, groomsmen and of course the groom. It’s important to make sure everyone is prepared and comfortable for the wedding. That might mean adding beer, bow ties, and boutonnières to your to-do list. Here are some tips to help prep the groom and his men and keep your guy guests happy. 

Attire Advice for Grooms

Wedding dresses are an important item on the checklist but it’s just as crucial that the groom chooses the right style of attire for the big day. It is most traditional to opt for a full tuxedo complete with a bow-tie but this can also depend on the location and time of the wedding. If the ceremony is outdoors or during the summer, you may want to choose a light colored suit to fit the season. The groom should coordinate their attire with both their bride as well as their groomsmen. If the bride has an elegant ball gown, then a black tux will perfectly match that feel. The groomsmen should also have a similar look as well as complementary colors. 

There are some local South Florida shops that create custom bow ties and pocket squares like My personal favorite for a fun twist is feather bows ties by

Tips on Writing Vows

Writing vows is a beautiful and intimate part of the ceremony but it can sometimes be difficult to put all your feelings down in writing. If the groom is starting to feel the pressure, there are a few questions to pass along to help him get the words flowing:

  • Why are you marrying your partner and what do you love most about them?
  • How does your partner make you feel?
  • How have you changed for the better with your partner?
  • What special shared memories stand out in your mind?
  • What promises do you want to make for your marriage?

It’s best to get a draft written of all these answers and then go back and edit or add to it. Tip: Practice makes perfect. After you’ve finalized your vows, start practicing them often so there’s less pressure when you’re at the altar.

Groomsmen Gifts 

Groomsmen are an equally important part of the bridal party! One of the best ways to show your appreciation for them is with a gift. It’s best to try and choose something that will be practical for them. Some great ideas include cufflinks, flasks, or travel bags. If you want to get even more personal, you can personalize these items with their names or initials or get each of them different gifts depending on their interests. 

Welcome Bags

You want to make sure that everyone feels included in your big day, so your welcome bags should contain items that both your female and male guests can use. One of the things you can never go wrong with is snacks or sweets. People will be able to munch on these after a long day of celebrating with you! Speaking of celebrations, get the party going with mini bottles of alcohol in your bags. You can range from wine to whiskey or even beer so everyone is satisfied with their choice!

If you’re having a destination wedding, you can put in a souvenir from the area like a fridge magnet or postcard so they will remember their travels.

Increase your guests’ comfort 

Photo by Jeff Kolodny Photography

There are small touches you can add to your wedding day to make sure your male guests are having fun and feeling comfortable. 

  • One thing you want to make sure of is that there is enough food for everyone. Nothing is worse than having starving guests. 
  • We’ve all heard of extra toiletries in the bathrooms for women, but men need them too! Make a basket with deodorant, cologne, and combs to ensure that the men are feeling refreshed throughout the night.
  • It can get pretty hot with a full suit at outdoor weddings, so let your male guests know that they are free to remove them at the reception.