Intimate Affairs

Intimate Events and Weddings South Florida

Large gatherings may be on hold, but small private events on land or out at sea are achievable and just as exciting! Whether you are planning a wedding, celebrating an anniversary or showering a mom-to-be, there is no need to postpone. Your special occasions can be intimate and elegant as you make memories with your loved ones.

As you plan your event, consider a smaller, more sophisticated gathering. By hosting only your closest and dearest friends and family, you can indulge. Make it a truly special event by choosing the finest decor, cocktails, and of course, cuisine. Filet Mignon? Yes, please!

Technology is amazing! There are so many ways that you can share key moments with others. One way is by live streaming via Zoom so others can log in and watch virtually. Social media is another great platform to share those special times. Taking lots of photos and videos during the occasion will allow you to share them with all your friends and family post-event.

Here are 3 ideas for intimate (safe) celebrations:

Yacht Party

What could be better than being out at sea and enjoying the ocean breeze? The summer weather and gorgeous views will make for an unforgettable event. Plus, being out in the open will allow for more air-flow which creates a safer atmosphere for you and your guests. Make your yacht party upscale and memorable with these ideas:

  • Plan for delicious seafood to be catered! Choose anything from scallops to lobster to crab cakes to make everyone feel like royalty. You can even bump up the luxury by getting a personal chef for the occasion.
  • You can’t have a boat party without the fruity cocktails! Opt for margaritas, pina coladas, and mai tais to get everyone feeling relaxed and refreshed. Hire a bartender to keep everyone’s drinks filled for that extra hint of ritz.
  • Book some entertainment! You can never go wrong with music. A live band or high-end DJ are perfect choices to get everyone up and dancing.

Classy House Party 

One of the best venues you can book (right now) is your own home! House parties give you a lot of flexibility to indulge in other factors of your event. Go all out on your decorations! You can dress up the dinner table with elegant centerpieces that include fresh flowers and candles. Personalize the seats with place cards for each guest and add a fancy menu for that extra touch. For the food, you can create a deluxe menu from home or hire a caterer. Steak, risotto, and creme brulee are achievable options to give your guests that fine dining experience.

Beach Ceremony and Reception

Your wedding can still be as magical as you imagined it by booking a beach venue. The fall and winter weather in Florida is prime time to plan a beach ceremony as you’ll have beach views and a gorgeous backdrop. Keep with the beachy theme by getting tropical flowers that will add a pop of color to the scenery.

 You can also create that cozy and intimate feel by decorating with candles, adding lighting down the aisle or putting string lights overhead. Nothing sounds more romantic than dancing under the stars at night with your loved ones.


  • Try to keep it exclusive to close family and friends so there is more space to social distance.
  • Ask your guests to be tested prior to the event to ensure maximum safety.
  • Have fun with it! Encourage guests to wear fancy masks that coordinate with the theme or attire.