NACE Membership: My MBA In Event Planning (and You Can Get One Too!)

NACE greater Broward and the palm beaches

The National Association of Catering and Events’ (NACE) mission is to be the premier resource and community for catering and event professionals. With more than 3500 members in over 40 chapters across the country, the NACE network is strong and invaluable in helping you grow your skills and your business.  

I’m proud to be a member of the board of the South Florida Chapter of the National Association of Catering and Events. The mission of NACE – South Florida is to advance the catering and events industry and its professionals.

If you are a catering or event professional just starting your career or who wants to grow your business, here is why I joined NACE – and why you should consider NACE too!

5 Reasons to Join NACE Now 

  1. Professional Networking
    I wasn’t born knowing all that I know about event and wedding planning! I do believe I have a natural gift and creative talent for designing events that impress – but I also know that the NACE classes, workshops, courses and programs I attend enrich my skills so that I can make my clients’ dreams come true.
  2. Latest Trends
    I can get #DesignInspiration from a movie, a flower, a song – but as South Florida is a wedding and event destination hot spot, I need to stay current on national and even international event and wedding trends. NACE keeps me current and on top of industry trends – and future trends.
  3. Competitive Edge
    It’s important that I stand in the crowded South Florida event planning space. Many event planners are good and even very good – but I want my brides and hosts to choose me because Anna Hess Events has a competitive advantage with ideas, skills, resources and information (based on a powerful network that I built through NACE.)
  4. Educational Courses and Certifications
    Nothing beats first-hand, real-life experience. But education is important also. NACE offers courses, workshops and conferences that not only teach me how to be a better event planner, but how to be a better business owner so that I can stay in business!

    It’s impressive to have NACE professional certification on my website and credentials!
  5. Resources
    Some days, I think I’ve seen it all and solved it all. But other days, a problem occurs which I’ve never seen. Or a bride requests something I have no idea how to deliver. Or…. just about anything. 

NACE resources are more than just professional networking. They are catering and event planning experts who are experienced problems solvers who can point you in the right direction to troubleshoot and solve just about any problem that an event planner can come up against – and that alone is worth the cost of NACE membership.

Step Up and Lead

If you’re already a member of NACE, I encourage you to step up into a leadership role. When I think of all the wonderful NACE board members, trainers, instructors and other leaders who have helped me launch and build my career, I want to give back and help out new members just starting out.

Event planning and catering look like a glamorous career. And I love my job, and it often is beautiful and glamorous! But as all of us who have chosen this career path know, it is a lot of hard work, frustration and long hours. I rely on my NACE network for ideas, resources and sometimes just for support when I need it. 

I’m proud to be part of NACE – South Florida. And I hope to see you at our next meeting!

Check us out at And if you have any questions, drop me a comet, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Interested in trying it out? Join us for our November social event on November 17th, the NACE POP-UP HAPPY HOUR DANCE PARTY! It is a free event. Learn more and REGISTER NOW.