Self-Care: Hire An Event Planner For Your Holiday Party

Hire An Event Planner for Your Holiday Party

And just like that… it’s the holiday season! With the holidays coming up fast now is the time when most people start planning their holiday parties and special events to celebrate with their friends and family. This year more than ever, family and friends want to spend time together and 

Everyone loves a good party! Holiday events can be a whole lot of fun, but they can be a lot of work, stress and pressure to plan the perfect party that please every person, and most especially, the host! This year, why not hire an event planner for your holiday party? 

8 Reasons To Hire An Event Planner for Your Holiday Party (and 1 Reason Not To)

  1. Stay On Budget
    Skies the limit for your holiday event? Even if your budget is generous, one big reason to hire a professional to plan your holiday party is to make sure you stay on budget. When you tell your event planner your budget, she will make sure your event is executed within your budget, and discuss alternatives with you to create an event that is sure to please you, your guests AND your budget.

  2. Leave Every Detail To A Professional
    The little details that make an event go smoothly can often be overlooked or they can be quite tedious and put aside. A professional event planner takes care of every little detail for you so that even your high expectations are exceeded.

  3. Superior Organization Skills
    A professional event planner knows what she’s doing when it comes to planning a party, and that means she knows when and how to get the job done. From your guest list to the menu to the decor – no more detailed schedules and lists for you – leave the to-do lists to your holiday event planner!

  4. Negotiate With Your Party Vendors
    Finding vendors and negotiating what you want and how you want it can be a hassle for the party, but with an experienced event planner has a list of experienced vendors she has worked with and can recommend vendors who will provide superior services, and negotiate favorable prices. If you have a preferred vendor, your holiday event planner can also work with your vendor.

  5. Create the Perfect Party Theme
    Of course your holiday party has a theme – it’s the holidays! But do you want a sit-down dinner or a buffet? Do you have a color theme? Do you have a theme in mind, but you don’t know how to achieve it? An experienced event planner can take care of that for you, making sure your party theme is the highlight of the season. Or she can help you come up with a theme that will fit your personality and style.

  6. Reduce Stress
    With the holidays in full swing, you don’t need the added stress of planning a big event. Leave the stress to the professionals spend your time on other things.

  7. Save Time
    You don’t need to spend your time sourcing, vetting, pricing and comparing vendors, creating and planning a party theme, tracking down and buying supplies, cleaning and setting up your home or venue for a party – plus everything else that goes into planning and executing a holiday event. With a professional event planner, all of that is handled for you and your time is your own.

  8. Enjoy Your Own Party!!!
    The number one reason to hire an event planner is because she will take care of every detail for you. That means the only thing you have to do is buy the perfect outfit, enjoy the party. Don’t worry about handling vendors, paying anyone, setting up food and drinks, decorating, or anything else. Just show up and enjoy the party!

  9. You Are An Event Planner
    As a professional event planner, I won’t be hiring an event planner for my holiday parties this year. I enjoy the process of planning and executing a party. It’s my gift to my guests –  and I have a full understanding of exactly how much work it is! 

Self-Care: Hire An Event Planner For Your Holiday Party

An event planner is a solution to the reason many people choose not to host a holiday party: it’s simply too much work. This year, celebrate the holidays with your friends and family, and gift yourself the ultimate luxury: enjoy your own party and hire a professional event planner so you can enjoy your own holiday party!