The Future of Bridal Wear

Wedding Wear

As things slowly return to normal, weddings are one special event that everyone looks forward to attending again! Wedding dress designers are excited to showcase non-traditional but stunning bridal collections that they’ve come up with during this furlough. It’s been amazing to attend virtual bridal wear runway shows from all over the world without the necessity of airports and travel time. And many of these shows have provided online meet-and-greets or receiving updates directly from the designers themselves, a virtual highlight that is at least one benefit of 2021!

I’m excited to share the top bridal trends for 2022 that I discovered during bridal fashion week:

  • Balloon or puff sleeves à la the regency era create an old-world elegance that complements more elaborate wedding designs.
  • Transitional pieces including capes, overskirts and removable sleeves that allow one look while walking down the aisle and another for dancing the night away.
  • Mini dresses (still going strong from 2021!) let you show off an amazing pair of stilettos.
  • 3D floral designs with appliques give a nature-inspired and couture look to your wedding dress and your special day.
  • Colorful floral gowns are starting to replace some traditional white gowns, creating a completely new option to showcase your personal style. 
  • Square necklines show off sexy collarbones and shoulders and let you display a statement necklace, and lend a slightly more sophisticated look to your gown.
  • Dramatic feather designs (especially those by Elie Saab!) give you a way to really show off with unique bridal wear that attracts all the attention in the best way possible. 
  • Oversized pantsuits with crop tops are perfect for brides who don’t choose to wear a traditional dress but do want great style. 
  • Multiple wedding dresses are on-trend since weddings are no longer just a single-day event but often a weekend party – so why not have several dresses to celebrate your big event? 
  • Oversized bows make a strong statement and can be placed just about anywhere on the dress to draw just the right amount of attention. 
  • Veils can be long or short but the wedding runways generally displayed veils that were large or elaborate to make sure everyone is looking right where you want them to. 
  • Embellished headbands in different colors, patterns, and styles were made of feathers, flowers, rhinestones, gemstones and anything else you could imagine.  

Making Bridal Fashion Trends Your Own

Bridal Fashion Week is twice a year in October and April – and usually in New York City! The wedding fashions are sold through designer showrooms, trunk shows and bridal shops – and of course, online!  

If you’re planning a wedding in 2022 and want to shop the wedding dresses from bridal fashion week, you can take these amazing styles your own and customize them to fit your own personal style. If that means mixing and matching a few trends or picking just one to go with for yourself, why not? 

Design Your Dream Florida Wedding 

Are you dreaming of a Florida wedding? Wedding couples aren’t putting their dreams on hold! Today’s bride and groom are living for today and embracing originality and creativity to design a wedding event to celebrate their future together.