The Language of Flowers: Discover the Significance Behind Each Bloom

The Language of Flowers

The Language of Flowers is a Victorian-era book of a secret romantic language for lovers’ correspondence using floriography, where flowers replaced words. 

What’s your favorite flower – and what’s the meaning behind it? Flowers are an essential part of any special event! When planning your special event, adding your personal touch to every detail matters. Deciding which flowers to use to celebrate your special event is more than just picking out something pretty – particularly if your event is to commemorate a special occasion such as a wedding, an anniversary or an important milestone. 


Every flower has a unique name, but it also has a unique meaning. Flowers are filled with symbolism and are traditionally used to celebrate moments grand and small. A birth, a wedding, an apology, a new love. As an event planner, no detail is too small to make a big impression.


In addition to their beauty, scent and style, flowers send a specific message that you need to know. Let’s take a look at some beautiful flowers and their very special meaning. 


These flowers are available in just about any color you could want from yellow, orange, and white, to pink, purple, and red. But what’s even better for weddings is that they represent fortune, devotion, and friendship.


Amaryllis flowers symbolize pride, determination, and radiant beauty.


Besides being fun to say, these wildflower-style flowers are very on-trend and they’re actually believed to bring good luck and protect you against evil.


If you want a slightly more tropical look to your wedding, or something a little bit exotic you can’t go wrong with these flowers that are all about kindness and hospitality.


The feathery look of these flowers is beautiful and unique and they mean dedication and patience, which are two important traits when you’re entering a marriage. 


Baby’s Breath
Baby’s breath has been used to lighten and spruce up wedding bouquets and arrangements for a long time, and with their symbolism of innocence, purity, and everlasting love, it’s no wonder.


Small but beautiful flowers that symbolize enthusiasm, like the excitement you have for your special day. 


Birds of Paradise
You’ve likely seen these unique, exotic flowers, but did you know that they represent faithfulness, thoughtfulness and love?


Calla Lilies
Calla lily flowers are quite common in weddings, and part of that is the symbolism of purity, innocence, and beauty.


While considered relatively simple and common, carnations do mean pride and beauty, which makes them still an excellent choice for a wedding.


Celosia symbolizes uncomplicated affection, which is exactly what you want to experience for your special someone on your wedding day and beyond.


This is another popular flower and for good reason. They’re beautiful and they symbolize long life, optimism, joy, and fidelity.


Cornflower AKA boutonnière flowers
According to legend, young men who were in love would wear a cornflower in their lapel. If his love was returned the flower would remain bright, but if it was not, the flower would wither and die. 


You may not have thought of these as a wedding flower, but they can be a beautiful ones because they’re so bright and definitely because they are a symbol of rebirth and new beginnings.



These full, bright flowers come in an array of colors and their symbolism of dignity and elegance makes them a popular wedding choice.


If you want a beautiful, wildflower look you can’t go wrong with daisies, which symbolize new beginnings and innocence. 


These flowers are a perfect accent for any type of bouquet or decoration and the bold colors definitely showcase vivacity, but also lightheartedness. 


These flowers look like just what they symbolize, sweetness, innocence, and thoughtfulness, and they’ll bring beauty to any flower arrangement.


Garden Rose
Roses are an elegant and beautiful flower for any occasion and they come in plenty of different colors to match any décor.


Beautiful in any arrangement, the gardenia does especially well in southern-style weddings and symbolizes purity, love, and sophistication. 


Genera Daisies
Genera daisy’s bright and fun flowers display their cheerfulness just by looking at them.


Use gladioli as a beautiful accent to your bouquets and arrangements to symbolize honor, faithfulness, sincerity, and generosity. 


This purple or white flower gives just a little color and a little bit of accent to your arrangements, and it symbolizes good luck and admiration.


Representing playfulness, these flowers have an exotic look without being too rare, which makes them an excellent choice for a special event. 


You don’t need many of these large flowers to make a statement, and that statement is perseverance, gratitude, and heartfelt emotion.


The iris is said to symbolize wisdom and trust, traits that you and your partner most definitely feel for and respect in one another.


You’ll love the soft scent of these flowers as well as their representation of first love and passion.


Representing purity and refined beauty should be no surprise with the softness and beauty that you get when you look at a lily.


Lily of the Valley
This is another flower that looks just like what it represents, purity and happiness, as well as sweetness and humility.


You may not have heard of this flower, but it’s definitely a beautiful one and it symbolizes the everlasting bond between you and your new partner, as well as gratitude and charm.


You want a happy life, a happy marriage, good health, and prosperity, and these beautiful flowers are actually symbolic of all of the above. What could be better for you and your partner?


This truly exotic flower will make your arrangements look unique and even more special, and it represents change and transformation, diversity and courage.


Queen Anne’s Lace
This beautiful flower features a very distinct red dot in the center which is said to symbolize a drop of Queen Anne’s blood that fell from her finger. The flower itself represents sanctuary. 


You’ll love the way this flower combines a little bit of boldness and elegance, depending on the color you choose. And the way that it symbolizes how you are radiant with charm.


A common wedding flower, the rose symbolizes passionate love, though different colors are said to have different meanings as well.


Contrary to what you might think from the name, these flowers actually symbolize graciousness and lend a stylish air to any bouquet.


A simple wildflower that is representative of sympathy, remembrance, and success, and give a wistful touch to your flowers. 


You’ll want these for more than just a little accent because they are so beautiful and yet simple at the same time, but they symbolize the loving bond between you and your partner.


You can’t go wrong with a big, beautiful sunflower (or several) to really make your wedding flowers pop. They fill you with the warmth that they are meant to symbolize, along with dedication.


Sweet Pea
Soft, light, and airy, these flowers have a light scent and a beautiful look that represents appreciation and departure. They are often used to honor a loved one who has passed.


Symbolizing perfect love and faithfulness, these flowers are available in a wide array of colors, which makes them an excellent choice for any event.


Xerographic Tillandsia commonly known as an air plant
Air plants are becoming quite trendy and they’re being used in just about anything. Plus, they’re eco-friendly!


Your favorite blooms — from roses and peonies to amaryllis and xerographic tillandsia — send a specific message that you need to know so you can choose the perfect flowers with the right message for your event.


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