WOW Moments and Luxury Touches to Create the Ultimate Experience for Guests

Luxury Weddings and Events Delray Beach

Planning the ultimate experience for your guests is a true sign of a gracious host. Small touches define luxury and require paying attention to the tiniest details. Moments of wonderment and WOW create lasting, memorable experiences for guests attending your wedding or special event. WOW moments and luxury touches can put your wedding on the next level and transform your event into a truly special experience.

Flowers, invitations, seating, décor, music, attire – no detail is too small to create breathtaking experiences. Your event reflects you and will last a lifetime in memories, photos and videos that capture the moments. 

We all gasped aloud as we watched the bride walk down the aisle in the Crazy Rich Asians wedding scene:

  • an indoor garden setting filled with tall grass and palm trees
  • flower-lined aisle of floating water
  • the bridal gown studded with Swarovski crystals and a 10-foot train
  • butterflies and fireflies made of copper wire on artificial branches strung with LED lights that guests waved as the bride walked down the flowing aisle
  • acapella Can’t Help Falling In Love softly sung in the background 

Followed by a glamourous, sexy and fun Chinese-themed outdoor reception in red and gold, the wedding is the definition of luxury and WOW! 

Luxury touches can be woven into large gatherings or intimate affairs. Personal details by the event host speak to their personal aesthetic, and make guests feel welcomed and appreciated – and that their presence is valued. Personal attention to detail creates a custom experience that 

Your Creative Partner
There is a large gap between planning a luxury wedding and creating a luxury wedding. Ideas need to be transformed into reality. An event planner is your secret weapon for designing a luxury wedding that will WOW your guests. As your creative partner, we translate your dreams into reality. Our experience in planning high-end weddings and special events ensures that every detail is executed to perfection.

Ann Hess Events translates your dreams into a memorable event. Every bride and each event has a unique story to tell, in their own voice. Innovation requires expertise. Our team’s attention to detail can design execute your

  • luxury wedding
  • unforgettable fundraiser
  • impressive corporate event
  • memorable celebration
  • high-end ceremony  
  • sophisticated setting

Anna Hess Events planning services will work with you to bring your dreams to life. No detail is too small to ensure an exceptional experience for your guests and memories that will last a lifetime.