Florida Wedding Planner 2021

South Florida Beach Wedding Anna Hess

Florida Wedding Planner 2021

2021 Florida weddings are all about summer nights, oceanside venues and elegant sunset ceremonies – year-round! South Florida offers a tropical paradise for destination weddings, without the expense and hassle of passports and international air travel. Whether you choose an outdoor spot or an indoor venue, planning a Florida wedding in 2021is the perfect way to create a magical experience for the bride and groom and your guests. Weddings en plein air are a gorgeous option that provides ambiance, fresh air – and social distancing, and create a romantic stage for your ceremony. 

Florida is the ideal location to create memorable, one-of-a-kind bridal events for romantic couples who want an experience to last a lifetime. 

Why A Florida Sunset Beach Wedding Is The Perfect Choice for 2021

An outdoor oceanfront beach ceremony at sunset is the perfect spot to celebrate your wedding. After the daily 4 o’clock rain is out of the way, a warm breeze breaks through and the beach is washed clean and magically transformed into the perfect wedding venue:

✔ Beachgoers have gone home for the day

✔ Parking opens up  

✔ Spectacular sunsets are just moments away

  • January – March: 5:45 – 7:45 
  • April – June: 7:45 – 8:30 
  • July – September: 8:30 – 7:15 
  • October – December: 7:15 – 5:45 

A beach wedding offers many options to design a customized experience for the bride and groom. Some of the Florida wedding inspiration we’re planning at Anna Hess Events include:

  1. Intimate seaside ceremonies with a big reception in 2022
  2. Indoor/outdoor weddings with an oceanside ceremony and an indoor reception
  3. Natural decor incorporating seashells, palms and tropical florals 

Florida Wedding Expert Tips and Tricks

Beachside destination weddings are a perfect backdrop for gorgeous photos. If you don’t live in Florida like we do, here are some Florida destination wedding tips and tricks that will help ensure your oceanfront wedding planning is picture-perfect:   

  • Enhance the breeze and keep guest cools with customized souvenir fans 
  • Cold cocktails and ice water before, after and during the ceremony hydrate guests who aren’t acclimated to South Florida’s year-round tropical climate 
  • Stay camera-ready and schedule hair and make-up touch-ups between the ceremony and reception to account for breezy nights and warm temperatures
  • A light shawl that compliments your wedding colors and is draped over the guests’ chairs accommodates cooler breezes and is a lovely momento 
  • For outdoor wedding ceremonies, a weather contingency plan is a must year-round 
  • Tablescapes that are designed for warm and breezy nights including protective candle lanterns and local florals 
  • A shoe station or flip-flop basket makes ceremonies on the sand easy for guests to navigate 
  • Privacy can be tricky on a public beach – create a wedding area, or source a private beach 
  • Late morning and early afternoon outdoor weddings can be hot in Florida – after 4pm the day tends to cool off 
  • Carefully schedule your wedding photos with an experienced beach wedding photographer to make sure you’ve timed the sunset and tides photos correctly

South Florida destination weddings are beautiful and memorable – but also require careful planning and insider knowledge! 

Florida Destination Wedding Planning

If you’re not a local, planning a South Florida destination wedding can be tricky. Beach permits, weather back-up plans, guest attire advice, menus that celebrate the locale – there are a lot of logistics to coordinate! A local destination wedding planner who specializes in beach weddings can connect you with local venues and vendors and will save you time, money – and stress. 

Anna Hess Events wedding and beach ceremony planning service and solutions include On The Day, Full Service or a Partial Package – whatever fits your needs and budget.