Growing Kindness With Flowers

Growing For Kindness

The sweet smell of lilies and peony, the heady smell of roses or hyacinth, the fresh smell of freesia and gardenia. There’s just nothing quite like fresh flowers to make your special event seem that much more beautiful and elegant. But it’s important to choose the right flowers to set the stage for that elegant affair (or even a more casual one).

Growing Kindness With Flowers

When you think of flowers you think of the beauty of Mother Nature, but do you think about the environmental impact of growing and spreading those flowers? You absolutely should, and that’s exactly what Growing Kindness is all about. It’s about a movement, that combines the joy and excitement of sending and receiving flowers, with the eco-friendly benefits of growing those beautiful flowers. 

The wonderful thing is that you can participate in Growing Kindness even with a small patch of dirt. All it takes is a little of your time to plant beautiful, local flowers and then care for them, cut them and send them to those who need just a little bit of extra love and support.

Maybe your neighbor is going through a rough period and a bouquet of fresh, local flowers would give them something to smile at for the day. Or maybe your boss just got some great news and a bouquet will show that you’re celebrating right alongside them. 

No matter what you do with the flowers, a bouquet of fresh flowers can really make someone’s day. I know, because I am also a grower and cultivator through Growing Kindness and I love the experience of handing over even just a few beautiful flowers with someone.  

Beautiful, Sustainable Grown Flowers

Sustainability is a key aspect of Growing Kindness as well. After all, we want to take care of not just the humans who live on our planet, but the planet itself as well. And that means growing flowers that are native to the region and growing them in healthy and sustainable ways.

If you don’t grow your own flowers you can buy them at local farmer’s markets as well. These are generally locally grown flowers and they’re going to support your local community, which makes them an even better purchase than the ones you can buy at larger grocery stores.

Just listen to Debra Priazing on Slow Flowers Podcast, or check out her website, which will tell you all about the beauty and options of buying American grown, and especially local flowers. You may even be surprised at all the things she has to say about flowers. I know I was the first time I heard her speak and now I wish I could meet her myself and learn more about her movement and her book, Four Seasons of Locally Grown Bouquets from the Garden. She’s already inspired me in my gardening and more. 

For those who need flowers and are interested in locally grown flowers for your event, large or small, formal or informal, contact me, Anna Hess, to help with planning the event of your dreams. 

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