How Your Bouquet Sets the Tone for Your Wedding

How Your Bouquet Sets the Tone for Your Wedding

If I were to ask you the most important thing you need to have at your wedding (besides the happy couple and someone to perform the ceremony, of course), you would probably think of things like the dress or the cake – or your family and friends. But the truth is the most important thing that you should be starting with is your bouquet wedding bouquet because it sets the tone for your whole wedding.

From the moment the bride walks down the aisle until she tosses the bridal bouquet at the end of the celebration, the wedding bouquet is on display. The choice of bouquet receives a lot of attention from the bride, but your flowers are usually not seen until after your guests have seen your wedding invitation, the venue for the wedding and your bridesmaids’ dresses and flowers. 

For Anna Hess brides, the wedding bouquet is one of the earliest and most important decisions because it inspires all the other wedding elements and sets the stage for the wedding.

Floral Style Inspiration
Why does the bouquet matter so much? Your bouquet shows everyone a little about the bride and who she is, and tells the story of the happy couple and their big day. There are so many different styles and floral trends that the bride can choose: 

A bouquet can be simple and elegant, small, with only a few flowers.

It could be designed with large pieces of flowing greenery or with a combination of flowers and greenery.

You may choose wildflowers and simple florals.

Or it could be made with big, bold, beautiful, extravagant flowers. 

Your bouquet can be traditional, modern, romantic or classic – but whatever style you choose, it should represent YOU. 

The bouquet will be unique from one wedding to another, whether the bride has floral style inspiration from the latest wedding trends, a fairytale wedding she has dreamt of since childhood or is her own design. No matter who is getting married, their bouquet is going to be different from everyone else because it’s one element of your wedding – the key element that sets the tone for your wedding. And that’s the magic and importance of a bridal bouquet. 

Our Favorite Wedding Bouquets 

For many brides who haven’t already chosen a wedding bouquet style, we recommend a beautiful but somewhat subdued option, medium or small in overall size with muted colors that don’t overshadow the bride’s wedding attire. It should complement the wedding gown but it should also stand out from the other flowers at the ceremony and reception.  

Here are some of our favorite bridal bouquet styles which might inspire your choice for a wedding bouquet – and set the tone for your entire wedding:

  • Mono
    This style uses only a single type of flower for the entire bouquet to create a classic look.
  • Monochromatic
    Choose several different types of flowers, but only a single color to achieve a bold but cohesive statement. 
  • Round/Compact
    A round bouquet is filled with different types of blooms but shaped in a tight ball for an old-fashioned, traditional style.
  • Crescent
    If you want something unique, a crescent-shaped option has flowers and/or greenery branching out from each end.
  • Cascading
    This type of bouquet has flowers trailing downward from the central part of the bouquet.
  • Asymmetric
    If you want something that’s modern and unique don’t be afraid to choose an asymmetrical design that looks completely wild and random – but is actually carefully designed.
  • Nosegay
    This is another very old-fashioned bouquet style that was popularized again by Kate Middleton. It’s a very small but delicate and gorgeous floral style.
  • Crowns and Headpieces
    These are starting to become even more popular bouquet choices in 2022 and are expected to continue into 2023. Floral crowns and headpieces are beautiful and can be as large or small as you like, but they’re always romantic or elegant.
  • Floral Jewelry
    Adding some flowers into your jewelry is a popular trend that gives your florals an exciting new impact. 
  • Hydrangeas
    These specific flowers are some of our favorites because they’re big and beautiful even with only a few. Plus, they come in a range of different colors that 

Bring Your Bridal Bouquet Dreams to Life

Your choice of flowers for the wedding bouquet says a great deal about the bridal couple. There is a secret, romantic significance behind each bloom that sends a message to each other and your guests. You may have always dreamed of a certain bouquet style and flower, or you may want to want to consider all of the styles before you pick out the bouquet you’re going to carry for your special day or perhaps you have a favorite flower or 

Anna Hess Wedding Design Services

Flowers are an important part of a celebration. Helping the bridal couple choose their bouquet is one of my favorite parts of my job as a wedding planner. Wedding bouquets set the tone for a memorable experience. Anna Hess Events works with creative and talented florists who transform beautiful flowers into stunning bridal bouquets, showstopping centerpieces and glorious decor. If you are planning a South Florida wedding, it’s important to consider what flowers are best for the type of venue you have chosen. We can advise you on the best bridal bouquets and floral arrangements for weddings and events for the Florida heat


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