Wedding Hairstyles for 2021

wedding hair trends

Every Queen deserves her crown – and every bride is Queen for the Day! Whether you prefer a classic style, a modern trend or a casual style, you want your hairstyle to match your bridal dreams. Wedding hair, makeup and the gown transform every girl into a bridal queen. 

Wedding hairstyle trends in 2021 reflect modern bride’s dream of glamor and style blended with practical necessity. Here are a few of the wedding hairstyles we love – and some tips for making your hair picture-perfect for a South Florida beach wedding.  

Blending several small or one or two large braids into your hair creates a modern and romantic with classic style. Braids add texture and volume – and provide control. 

Classic French Twist 

Long – and even longish – hair looks classically elegant in a French twist that lengthens the bride’s neck and showcases the back of her wedding gown. A few loose tendrils can soften the look and prevent the bride’s hair from looking too severe. 

High Bun

Hair pulled into a high bun provides a glamorous bridal look. Perfect for both straight and curly hair, a bun can be accented with braids, hairclips and other accouterments. 

Half Up Half Down 

Walking down the aisle in a boho-chic half up half down hairstyle complements nearly every bride and every wedding gown. Combs, crowns, flowers and ribbons add interest to create your personal style. 

Ponytail Perfection

For an outdoor wedding, ponytail styles can be elegant, casual, fun or chic – and can then be released after the ceremony to create a second look for the reception or dancing. 

Mermaid Braids

Show off voluminous hair with romantic mermaid braids that provide all-day chicness and control.  

Fishtail Braid 

An effortlessly elegant fishtail is modern and ideal for adding all important bridal hair accessories. 

Bridal Hair Accessories

Choosing the right accessories will be a big part of your wedding style. As many 2021 brides are choosing civil ceremonies with simpler wedding dresses, bridal hair accessories are an important statement accessory to celebrate your special day. 


Veils are a traditional bridal accessory for the ceremony, but are often simplified or even removed for the reception. Chic mini-veils are a popular choice and pair beautifully with shorter bridal gowns and simple hairstyles. 

Sparkle and Shimmer
I love to see hair combs, wings, clips and barrettes decorated with Swarovski crystals or freshwater pearls. Pearls of different woven into an updo or pinned into a short style catch the lights and provide movement. 

Tieras, Crowns and Headbands

Bridal tiaras and crowns are royal accessory for glamorous, luxury weddings. If you choose a tiera or headband to style your wedding day hair, go with a small earring to not take away from your statement hair accessories.


The addition of hair extensions and strands create a more voluminous look. If a bride’s natural hair does not have the needed ength or fullness for a certain hairstyle, extension can be seamlessly woven into the bride’s hair to achieve the desired affect.  

Pro Wedding Hair Tips for Beach Ceremonies

I do’s by the sea are back and I couldn’t be happier! When the sun is hot, the breeze is blowing and the humidity is rising, here are my favorite hairstyles tips for South Florida beach weddings. 

Outdoor weddings present unique challenges for the bride. Everyone knows you should work with your stylist to practice your hairstyle before the wedding day, and make sure your chosen hairstyle complements both your wedding veil and your wedding gown. As a South Florida wedding and event planner who lives in our tropical wedding paradise, here are my top 5 tips for achieving your best wedding day hair at outdoor or beach weddings.  

  1. You already had a hair and makeup test run before your wedding. Schedule hair and makeup touchups to stay camera-ready between the ceremony and reception and to account for breezy nights and warm temperatures. 
  2. A hairstyle that provides the ultimate control such as a pony tail or bun, or by using hair accessories, helps the bride stay photo-ready throughout the wedding ceremony, After the nuptials, many brides opt to release their hair for a new look and a more casual, flowing hairstyle during the reception. 
  3. Style your hair for the weather. If your wedding day is beachy breezy, choose a style that works with the weather and your natural hair. An experienced bridal beach hairstylist will help you choose a wedding look that you won’t have to fight. 
  4. Hairspray is your new BFF. Many young women today have hairstyles that don’t need hairspray. Your wedding day is different: a strong hairspray is your secret weapon for designing a weatherproof hairstyle that can stand up to a breeze and humidity. 
  5. Pack a kit of hairstyling essentials if you need some styling helping during your wedding. An experienced wedding planner always packs an emergency kit of hair tools.  

Creating fabulous wedding hair takes planning and practice. The help of an experienced hairstylist can transform your hair into your crowning glory. Brides who plan a destination wedding in South Florida and other beachy locales have special hair considerations to plan for the climate. 

Our South Florida wedding venues are gorgeous – but they require insider knowledge and skills to prepare for outdoor ceremonies, photo sessions and receptions. Planning ahead and carefully choosing the right bridal team to make your dream wedding a reality is essential!

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Cloud Ten Salon located at 32 SE Second Ave Delray Beach specializes in bridal hair services and their talented team of stylists can assist with your bridal party needs. The offer full service make-up as well. Hair Credit (feature image left) goes to Melissa Horn for doing my updo. It turned out beautiful! 561-303-3000

Hair credit (feature image right) goes to Courtney Christopherson Hamby –  professional hair and make up artist – onsite event specialist or 561-289-2138.