What to Include to Create the Perfect Wedding Website

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Your wedding website is meant to convey as much information as possible to your guests, letting them know about your event, you and your partner and anything else you think will interest them or help them enjoy your big day. It’s a place to include all the additional details and information about everything that just doesn’t fit on your wedding invitation or your Save the Date cards. But just what all should be on your wedding website? 

Every bridal couple will have their own ideas on how to personalize their wedding website to create their own unique – but useful – online story. We have some wedding website must-dos and nice-to-have items that will inspire you to design your own website. 

7 Must-Dos for Your Wedding Website

1. Tell Your Story

Your story is all your own, but it’s also something magical that you may want to share with your guests. Telling that story can help them feel even more a part of your special day. On your wedding website, you can share photos, short stories, and more about where you met, your dating experience, your future plans and anything else you want your guests to know about the two of you.

  • your #WeddingHashtag
  • where to share their wedding photos 

2. Share Stories 

It’s nice to include a section for family and guests to share their stories about the bridal couple, upload special photos and send well wishes to the bride and groom.   

3. Dress Code
Once you’ve decided on the type of attire you want for your wedding it’s important to communicate that dress code to your guests. You can announce your dress code on your invitations, on your wedding website or on a separate card sent with your invitation – and even ask someone to be your dress code communicator! 

4. Hotel Recommendations

If you’re going to have guests coming from out of town for your wedding it’s a good idea to provide them with additional information about where to stay. This gives them the opportunity to book somewhere to stay that is convenient and provides everything that they need. It could be especially important if you live in an area where there are no chain hotels.

If you have a block of rooms reserved at a hotel, let them know what information they need to make a reservation:

  • reservation name or code
  • reservation deadline
  • prices for before and after the reservation deadline
  • if you will be organizing any transportation from the hotel to your wedding venue

5. Religious or Traditional Ceremony Information

If you’re having a religious ceremony or will be incorporating family or cultural traditions into your wedding, it’s nice to let your guests know on the wedding website what to expect and how they should respond to ensure they are comfortable and prepared.  

6. Things to Do in Your Town

Your wedding is, of course, the reason your guests are coming into town but your out of town guests may not want to come into town for the wedding and immediately leave. Many extend their wedding trips to include a little sightseeing, shopping or social events. Give your guest the information they need to turn your wedding into a mini-vacation. Let them know about popular activities, attractions, restaurants and anything else special aboutthe area.

7. Contact Person

If you want your guests to contact someone other than you or your partner to get more information or to have any of their questions answered, make sure you include that person on your wedding website. Having their information readily available means that your guests will know who to reach out to, which makes it easier for you to focus on the important things without having to answer any general guest questions or concerns.

5 Nice to Have Items on Your Wedding Website

1. Your Wedding Guest Timeline

Lay out everything that’s going to happen during your wedding so your guests know what’s going on, where they need to be and at what time. Your wedding guest timeline can show when you’re going to arrive at the venue for the ceremony, when the doors will open for guests to arrive, what time the ceremony starts, what time the ceremony should end, when the doors open for the reception venue, and so on. All of this information makes things easier for your guests.

  • rehearsal dinner or party – if guests are invited
  • bar the guests will be congregating at the night before the wedding
  • wedding after party location
  • breakfast for out of town guests the morning after the wedding

Your wedding guest timeline can easily be modified from your wedding timeline (LINK) but doesn’t need to include things that only pertain to the bridal party. 

2. Wedding Party Bios

  • Is your maid of honor your best friend since Kindergarten who has been there every day for you even though you now live 1,000 miles apart? 
  • Are the groomsmen the groom’s brothers? 
  • Is the ring bearer your fairy godchild? 

Introduce your wedding party to your guests on your website! You can include photos and some information about each member of your wedding party as well. Share how you met, why they’re important in your life, and so on – your guests will be love to know about the people you chose to stand up for you on your big day.  

3. Registry Information
Make it easy on your friends and family! Include where you are registered or any other information that wedding guests may be looking for. Some couples ask their loved ones to make a donation in lieu of a gift or invite them to contribute to your honeymoon or house fund. 

4. Directions and Travel

For out of towners who are flying in for your wedding, your website can tell them options to get to the hotel if they don’t rent a car, such as:

  • area hotels convenient to the wedding venue 
  • free shuttle from the airport to your wedding hotel every 30 minutes
  • prices for an Uber or cab
  • phone number to call so a member of the wedding party can pick them up at the airport and drive them to where they are staying

For guests staying at a hotel who need to get to the wedding venue,

  • the exact address of your wedding venue so they can tell drivers how to get ther
    if you have organized transportation from the hotel to the wedding
  • names and numbers for other guests who have a card and are happy to welcome wedding passengers

For locals and out of towners, it’s helpful to include any parking instructions, walking directions and accessibility information. 

5. RSVP and Meal Preferences

Yes, you sent an invitation with an RSVP card, but you already know many people will not turn in their RSVP. Why not make it easy on yourself and your guests, and include an RSVP link on your wedding website, and an option to add a meal preference? 

Be Sure To Share Your Wedding Website

Include your wedding website URL on your Save the Date and Wedding Invitations so your guests have easy access to all this great information you’ve shared with them. Some bridal couples like to password-protect their wedding website, if you do use your #WeddingHashtag is a great password!

In the end, you want your wedding to be special, and you want your wedding website to help everyone celebrate your joy.  So make sure to include as much detail as you can so you and your partner can enjoy the big day. 

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