COVID Weddings Postponed – Now Flowers!

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Post COVID flower shortages and your wedding day. 

It’s a well-known secret that florals are my favorite part of wedding planning. I recently attended the Floral Encounter Conference and experienced exciting floral arrangements that would thrill any bride. There’s just nothing quite like fresh flowers to make your special day even more beautiful and elegant. You may have heard the rumors that flowers are becoming difficult to come by – and that means they’re starting to get more expensive. Not to mention you may find yourself having trouble getting the specific flowers that you’ve always wanted for your big day. 

One of the major problems is what you would expect. COVID. 

So many people had to put off their weddings during the pandemic that now that things are getting steadily better, many couples have rescheduled their weddings. And the return to normal and coincides with the normal spring/summer wedding season when many people already have scheduled weddings.

Flowers Without Buyers

Farmers who struggled to find places to sell their flowers only a year ago are now unable to keep up with the high level of demand. And that means a lot of trouble for the couples who had their wedding day planned to the last floral detail.

In fact, during COVID there were many farmers around the world that allowed their fields to die off. With demand down 95% (or more in some areas) there was nothing else to do. Unfortunately, this led to a shortage that has spanned the entire world.

Plus, even before things started getting back to normal, many Americans were sending flowers to their loved ones who they haven’t seen in a long time – which means that some of the flowers that would otherwise be available for weddings are being sent elsewhere instead, adding to the competition.

Bad growing seasons and poor weather, the loss of farms that were previously used for flowers and are now being used for other products such as cannabis have also contributed to the reduction in availability. 

Add a lack of both air and ground transportation is impacting the delivery of flowers sourced from growers are the world. And couples are paying the price. 

What Happens Next

Couples are going to need to be flexible, and wedding planners need to be creative. Floral budgets will need to be reconsidered. 

  • The first thing to consider is the cost. You may well be able to get the exact flowers that you have your heart set on. But you may have to pay a higher cost than you had expected in order to get them. This could impact the budget you have set for the rest of your wedding.
  • Another option is to consider substituting different flowers. Because some flowers are more in demand, they’re going to be harder to get than others. Flowers that are more traditional for weddings will be the hardest to get, but if you’re willing to be flexible you could get some stunningly beautiful flowers that are less traditional.
  • Go native. I am a huge advocate of using local, sustainable flowers grown by local farmers. South Florida tropical flowers are spectacularly beautiful with vibrant colors and exciting shapes. Seasonal blooms grown locally maintain their freshness and beauty longer in the warmer weather better, and reduce your carbon footprint – no long-haul shipping!

Get Creative

The best thing that couples can do at this point is get more creative. Be open with your florist about what you want your wedding florals to look like, but be flexible about how you get there. There are many beautiful flowers out there in the world and talented floral designers and wedding planners who can work with you to create the wedding of your dreams, with flowers that will WOW you and your guests. 

Read my article with tips for floral arrangements that withstand the heat and current trends in wedding flowers. 

Your choice of wedding flowers is the ultimate bridal accessory that will make your event beautiful and your wedding photos memorable.  Contact Anna Hess Events for help making your wedding everything you’ve always wanted, down to the very last petal.