What to Know When Planning a Destination Wedding

South Florida Destination Wedding

Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and you want to be sure that it’s everything you’ve always dreamed of. For some, that means holding a huge extravaganza in your hometown. For others, it’s a cozy backyard wedding. For still others, it’s somewhere in between. But what if your dream wedding is traveling somewhere completely different, with your family and friends there to celebrate with you? Then a destination wedding is for you.

When you start planning a destination wedding, it’s important to keep a few important things in mind.

  1. Your Wedding Will Likely Be Smaller
    Even if you plan to invite 100 people or more, not everyone is going to be able to make it to a destination wedding. The further away your wedding is from your hometown the fewer people who are going to be able to make it, which can be ideal for those who prefer a more intimate affair – but don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings by not inviting them.
  2. Plan Every Detail
    When it comes to destination weddings you’re already expecting people to travel, which can be difficult for some. One way you can make things easier is to give them as much information as possible. Reserve a block of rooms at a resort or hotel near the venue. Check into flights that will get them there and back easily. Find some local restaurants or even activities for them on days surrounding your wedding so they can turn it into a vacation.
  3. Send Save the Dates
    While a save the date card is a good thing to have for any wedding it’s even more important with a destination wedding. It should also be sent at least eight months before the wedding so that guests have time to adequately prepare for the event, including budgeting for travel, arranging time off work, getting caretakers for children and pets, etc.
  4. Share Travel Requirements
    If your wedding is out of the country, its helpful to include travel requirements and reminders such as a passport is required and whether any vaccinations are recommended.
  5. Work With a Local Wedding Planner
    To find the best venue and vendors, a wedding planner with local know-how and contacts can make your wedding dreams come true – and save the bridal couple a lot of stress and time, and even money! 

Planning a South Florida Destination Wedding

As a South Florida wedding planner, I regularly work with couples who want a wedding in our sunny, tropical region. Here are some local insider tips and things to know that will make your wedding smoother if you travel to Florida for your nuptials.

  1. Respect The Beach
    One of the best places to host a destination wedding in Florida is at the beach. But you should be aware of the rules for the beach you choose. Some beaches are public, which means you may be able to host your wedding there, but you won’t be able to control who else is there. Or you could opt for a private beach but you will need to talk with the owner of that section of the beach. Beaches can be beautiful and fun locations for your wedding, but they require additional planning and permits.
  2. Plan For The Weather
    If you’re not from South Florida, make sure you understand the Florida seasons and plan the best time of year – and the best weather – for your event. You may want to avoid April – November, hurricane season, or the hottest, high humidity months of July and August if you’re planning an outdoor wedding. A local wedding planner will be your secret weapon to plan for hot or even rainy wedding days.
  3. Choose Flowers Wisely
    Flowers are a big part of any wedding, and that doesn’t change when you have a destination wedding. What does change is the type of flowers that are available and suitable for your destination. In Florida, you may want flowers that withstand the heat; flowers like lilies require specific temperatures or they could wilt.
  4. Beach-Resistant Hairstyles
    If you plan a Florida oceanfront wedding, be sure to ready my Wedding Hair Tips for Beach Ceremonies so you’re not surprised with a hairstyle that doesn’t hold up on breezy, hot and humid days.
  5. Consult A South Florida Wedding Planner
    Do you need a backup venue in case of inclement weather? How do you order seats and decorations for a beach wedding? Where do you get a marriage license? Who can officiate? What kind of flowers should you choose, and what are some great locations for your wedding photoshoot? Local knowledge and contacts can save you time and money, even when your destination is in the United States! 

Here are a few more tips on planning a South Florida wedding: Florida Wedding Planner

Destination weddings are designed to be special, so ensure yours is everything you’ve always dreamed of. Turn your wedding into celebration you’ve always imagined and enjoy everything South Florida has to offer. And if you’re in an experienced pro to help plan your wedding, contact Anna Hess Events to get started. 

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